Jaz Lin

I met Jaz when I gave her a lift to a meeting I was attending in Western Massachusetts. We met for the second and last time for this interview.

Of all the people I've spoken with only Jaz has entirely cast off her connections to the past and preconceptions of the future, and sailed off to discover the real world on foot. Three years have past and she's still sailing. I love her.

Interview Excerpts
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"Everything that I’ve done has been a journey of exploration, of outer and inner exploration, without any focus or commitment, which I would like to have, but maybe I’m just not ready for it. I’m just 23, I don’t know…

"It’s very important to follow your instincts and whatever feels right, because everyone has their own path. Take the experiences as they come, and the people. Remember that every person that walks by is full of stories! Don’t look down on anybody for what you see them initially to be, because everybody has something really special and golden inside…

"I remember sitting on a ridge once and looking out at town, with all of its bright lights and ridiculousness, and then looking at the other side and it was night, and at the darkness and the mountains, and just thinking, like, 'OK, all the people down there, they chose the comfort. They just want to be comfortable. That is why all of this exists.'…

"Looking back, everything makes sense. Everything makes sense all together and you can’t be really, like, 'I didn’t really want to go to jail.' I hated going to jail in New York City. … It was horrible. And back then, when it happened, it was hell. But if it didn’t happen … I wouldn’t be who I am today. So everything makes sense all together…

"You may often be alone, but you’re never, ever, ever lonely until you allow yourself to be lonely, because everything’s alive. Our ancestors walked under the same sky that we are looking up at,… and we’re going to live, and we’re going to die, all staring at the same sky, under the glow of the same sun, sleeping under the same moon and stars. This earth that we’re walking on has been walked on by so many animals, and so many people, and so many spirits blowing through the wind, and that is so special!"


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