Andrew Reece Crowe
Andrew got interested in learning partly from watching war documentaries on TV, and from an independent study, early reader program when he was in elementary school. These things piqued his curiosity and provided the fuel to start asking questions. Reading, thinking, studying and computer game playing were major parts of his early life, and the more information he finds, the more he endeavors to put it all together.

I met Andrew at The Advanced Acadamy, a school that gives high school kids the opportunity to start working at a college level.

Interview Excerpts
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"(When I was younger) I was interested in facts and I absorbed them kind of like a sponge. As I got older I got interested in why things happened, not just military history and the engineering aspect of it, but also the political aspects of it. I became less interested in facts and more interested in the reasons behind things…"

"I read fast and remembered a lot. I have this really weird thing — it’s true for a lot of things — the way I learn is I accumulate this massive store of data and then I try to figure out how it works… Once I knew enough words to understand what I was reading my comprehension jumped from nothing — maybe it was in 3rd grade, I know it was in 4th grade — to testing at 13th grade level…

"I got interested in the idea that complicated systems arise from simple forces. The idea that you can have a small number of basic forces that build upon themselves to form something complicated…"

"I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t live long enough to learn all … I would need (in order) to become as good as I would like to be in every one of those areas. But if I can learn to use the modeling and processing powers of the computer, then I can get a better idea of how things work…"


Duke University, Talent Identification Program
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