Hamilton Shu
Hamilton "Ham" Shu's parents began teaching him numbers and letters using flash cards before he was 3. As the son of an engineer and a teacher he developed an interest in learning and in building things. Sometimes precocious, and at other times a pest, he has been taking apart and rebuilding telephones, remote controls, traffic lights and whatever other machines he has been able to get his hands on. Ham wants to become an engineer, and to follow in his father's footsteps.
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"School, for me, started at home… back when I was about 3. I remember my parents trying to teach me numbers, they had these little cards and they’d hold them in front of me and ask me what number it was. I would answer them, and then that night I would go into their room and hide them so that I didn’t have to do it the next day… The same thing with the alphabet. It finally just drilled into my head…

"I was tired. I would stay up late and do stuff at home because I knew I could sleep at school. Like if there was something I had to solder, or something to glue that required time to cure, I’d stay up and watch it. The next day at school I’d go to sleep from 8am to 10am, switch classes, and then go to sleep again…"

"I’m very good at taking tests and making it look like I’m paying attention. I would just go, take tests, and ace ‘em. Like in calculus I’d sleep, take a test, finish it, and then go back to sleep…"

"Right now I’m helping my Dad with his patents… My Dad wants me to do a patent on tire sensors, something I read in a magazine that made me say to him, “Wouldn’t it be easier if this?” and I drew a picture. And my Dad’s like “Just do it!” And I’m like 'OK, I will!' ”


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