Matt Forbeck
Being a great editor requires Matt Forbeck to be a purse-lipped grammarian and a hawk-eyed perfectionist. But when he speaks he's on an emotional roller coaster, careening from topic to topic, rarely stopping to complete a sentence.

When I asked him about the forces that formed him a hurricane of life spewed forth leaving me to run in his wake asking, "…and what did that have to do with whom you became?" From typewriters to quintuplets, from parachuting to the Queen's English, from romance to business , it all comes together in his life as an author… I think.

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"The most important skill I’ve learned is typing. As a writer the best class I ever took was my typing class and I didn’t do very well at it… Learning how to type allowed me to create stories quickly. Without that it would have been too slow and I would have been frustrated: I would have been pulling teeth the entire time…

"Writing is something where you can take every class you want, but if you don’t have any talent the skill doesn’t do you much good. You have to have raw talent, and then learn the skills to apply that talent…

"I hate being afraid of anything. I don’t let myself be afraid of things… If something scares me I make sure to go face it right away and take care of it… I (make) sure that I (stand) up to it. Then you learn, “Hey, it’s not that bad!” It’s almost never as bad as you think it’s going to be… "

"If you do things out of fear, then you’re doing only negative things. You’re never going to be building anything; you’ll never do anything hopeful…"

"The thing about being a creative soul is that you have to have an ego about it. If you don’t think you can do better than what other people are doing, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it…"

"If you don’t believe in yourself, then why should anybody else? You need to find something that you love, and that you can develop skills for, and passion for, and just follow it."

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