Oliver Pierce
I've known Oliver for many years and always thought him a good student and kind of a bookworm. So I was surprised when he dropped out of school after 9th grade with no intention of returning.

I now appreciate what he's doing and how motivated he is; not only motivated but positive, organized, and determined. Oliver wants to make films, so he's just pushed school out of the way and started doing it by independent study, networking, apprenticeship, trial and error and sheer pluck. His latest short film has been accepted for a showing in the Woodstock Film Festival.

Interview Excerpts
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"From very early on I always knew I wanted to do film, and then it was just a question of how to pursue that. I toyed with the idea of leaving school for a while… It’s not like I had any terrible, terrible experiences at (high school), I just knew what I wanted to be doing and that wasn’t it… "

"The exact moment I decided to leave school was the summer between 9th and 10th grades. I was on a camping trip and I was getting close to when school was going to start again… I finally decided that I was not going to go back to public school. Then I went and threw up in the woods for about half an hour. I was really nervous about the decision. But I’m glad definitely, definitely glad I did."

"I think you can learn pretty much anything you can learn in school, out of school. You can, that’s a fact. All the information is obtainable… What you can’t do out of school that you can do in school is get a piece of paper that says this is what you know… There are more things that you can learn out of school than you can learn in school. You can learn anything out of school…"

"Occasionally you always get the negative voices that come in… I just try to get them out of my head. Some days I can do it, some days I can’t. If I think about it logically I don’t feel I have very much to be nervous about. I don’t mean that to sound cocky at all, like I said I’m not rich yet so hopefully I’m right about all that I’m saying, but you never know. I feel confident enough that I’m right that I’m continuing to do what I’m doing…


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